Is Your Brand Cutting It?

If only it were possible to stay #1 forever, life would be so much easier. With few exceptions however, building a competitive advantage on the back of stellar investment results simply isn’t sustainable. So how do you differentiate yourself?

We Think We Know...YOUR BRAND.

Marketers have known the power of brand for more than 100 years. The biggest problem with branding is that it is too often confused with advertising and a graphic standards manual. Your brand isn’t any of those things. Your brand is who your customers (and prospects) believe you to be—the mental shorthand on which your relationship with them is built.

We Help Firms “Discover” Themselves (and Their Brand).

It all starts with your brand essence. Who are you? What are your beliefs? What do you do better than the next guy? Brand essence can be difficult to pinpoint because it is often so deeply ingrained in your culture that you take it for granted. Our understanding of the industry combined with our brand experience means we’re able to see nuance and subtlety that is brand defining but might be lost on a traditional agency. Then we help build a plan for bringing it to life.

We Connect Your Brand Through Value-Added Program Execution.

Millions of dollars are spent each year developing value-added programs. Our research makes clear that these programs are highly valued, offering “access and opportunity” for your sales force. We’ve seen, however, that most of these programs fail to have any connection to the firm’s brand. Those programs that deliver the greatest impact are those that feed off the firm’s brand message and subject matter expertise.

Who...are you? Who, Who...Who, Who? Do you really want to know?

In homage to one of our favorite bands, The Who (of course)!