The RIA Dig, Our Newest Study

SwanDog Digs RIAs

SwanDog's RIA Dig is an in-depth study of the marketing and sales preferences and habits of RIAs. If RIAs are an important channel for your firm and you’ve found them to be a somewhat mysterious and elusive audience, this research sheds some much-needed light.

Inside you’ll find the answers to:

  • Which marketing efforts (messages and tactics) RIAs value the most, and which fail to launch
  • RIAs' attitudes toward wholesalers and what they want from them
  • What RIAs look for when they go to your website
  • What factors drive their product use and product change decisions
  • Their media habits with exhibits detailing the websites they frequent and print publications they read
  • 2 really cool shortcuts to use to segment your RIA database for better results

RIA Dig Fast Facts

  • Companion to Independent Advisor Dig (2013)
  • Co-sponsored by Penton’s
  • 84 exhibits
  • Recommendations for content development and targeting, marketing to time constrained RIAs and value-add programs
  • 2 segmentation approaches
    • Attitudes and behaviors of active vs. passive RIAs
    • Where an RIA started his/her career as a determinant of their behaviors toward asset managers
  • Highly actionable for sales and marketing
  • Enterprise (firm-wide) purchase
  • Includes 60-minute webinar
  • Delivered electronically (pdf)

Contact us to get a copy of the Table of Contents, List of Exhibits and Methodology.  Or, go ahead and order the full study!  Call 630.995.3858 or email