Independent Advisor Dig Study

Why SwanDog’s Independent Advisor Dig Will Be Indispensable To You (And Your Business)

The Independent Advisor Dig study represents one of the most sweeping explorations of the independent financial advisor space from a sales and marketing perspective. Our research (both qualitative and quantitative in nature) explored the attitudes and behaviors of nearly 1,200 independent financial advisors across dozens of attributes; from their key challenges to where they turn for information, from what they most value from asset managers to what influences their product decisions.

As well, The Dig unearthed 4 discrete behavior and attitude-based advisor segments that can and should influence how and where you market to them.

The study offers insight into the following:

  • Is there a new client portfolio paradigm emerging among independents?
  • Which independent advisor segment(s) should you target based on the products you offer (from funds and alternatives to ETFs)?
  • What methods are most effective to reach your target audience? Email? Social media? Print? Personal selling?
  • What’s the right messaging strategy for your target? What will get their attention? How do you match message to medium for maximum impact?
  • When developing your brand media plan (online, broadcast, print), where should you focus your dollars to get the biggest bang for your buck?
  • What is the role of the wholesaler and how should they approach different advisor segments?
  • How can you employ the segmentation with your own advisor target with and without conducting a survey of your own?

This study has high value for:

  • Sales and marketing professionals at asset management firms, insurance product providers and broker/dealers
  • Senior management at asset and wealth management firms
  • Segmentation and CRM professionals
  • Media planners and buyers
  • Asset managers already enjoying deep distribution through the independent channel, but wanting to improve advisor retention and preserve momentum (and relationships) while improving and optimizing the effectiveness of their efforts
  • Firms looking for insight on how to build relevance and gain entry to the independent channel
  • Mid- and smaller-sized firms operating with limited budget, but looking to gain a toehold in the channel, the study will help focus your resources for maximum impact

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pdfStudy Preview (Click here for a study preview including TOC and Directory of Exhibits)