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SwanDog is the leading marketing strategy and consulting boutique for companies in asset and wealth management.

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We don't believe there is a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, it's our belief that your firm is what it is and it's our job to help you recognize your point of difference and emphasize that to your customers.

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October 12, 2007 Chicago--Too many firms fail to plan, so SwanDog Strategic Marketing, LLC is offering a free download of its Financial Services Marketing Plan Template through Nov. 30, 2007 at www.BeyondTheCollateral.com.

“Over 35% of firms fail to develop a written marketing plan,” says Dave Swanson, founder and managing partner of SwanDog, citing research from a recent study co-authored with FRC (Financial Research Corporation) on financial services marketing.  “In fact, only a small percent of the plans we reviewed provided any strategic direction whatsoever.  Most were little more than a hyped-up tactical to-do list. I know marketers can do better – they just need the tools and guidance.”

The Marketing Plan Template is an easily downloaded, Word document that takes you step-by-step through the planning and development process.  It is available at www.BeyondTheCollateral.com, a site SwanDog developed as a companion to the just released financial-services marketing study -- Beyond The Collateral – Unlocking Marketing’s Strategic Potential for Competitive Advantage.  Both the study and the website are designed to provide a comprehensive look at marketing in the financial services industry today, and provide direction and insight that empowers marketing in this industry to begin to take a more strategic leadership role within their firms. 

“Business marketing usually takes the form of sales support,” says Swanson.  “But that’s not necessarily the role it should be playing. Marketing needs to earn the right to lead.”  SwanDog believes the first step to earning this leadership is to just start doing it, and the best way to begin is to develop and distribute a formal, strategic marketing plan that is tied to the overall business strategies and objective, actionable, results focused, and designed to deliver measurable output. The Marketing Plan Template they are offering is intended to provide the structure for just that.

About the Study
The comprehensive marketing study combines primary quantitative and qualitative research of senior executives, distribution and marketing heads with SwanDog’s experience. SwanDog principals average over 20 years each as marketing practitioners in the financial industry.  In addition to exploring the current state of marketing and the prospects for its future, the study offers preliminary benchmarking of marketing compensation, budgets and organization structures as well as presenting a roadmap for bringing more strategic focus to firms' marketing efforts.  More details regarding the study can also be found at www.BeyondTheCollateral.com, or call us at 630-995-3858 or email info@swandog.com.