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New Study Recommends Asset Managers Move to a More Synched Distribution Model for Greater Productivity Without Additional Costs

Chicago, IL – July 19, 2011 – Are asset management firms getting the most from their sales and marketing investment? That’s the burning question executives should be asking about their company’s distribution model, according to SwanDog Strategic Marketing, a suburban Chicago-based consulting firm.

In a groundbreaking new study, “Sales And Marketing In Concert - It’s Time To Rock,” SwanDog researched how sales and marketing work – or don’t work — together at asset management firms. The report advocates that integrating the two functions is the best path to success in today’s highly competitive, mature marketplace.

“We believe that the path to greater productivity starts by getting more from your existing investment in sales and marketing, and that doesn’t necessarily mean hiring more people,” said Dave Swanson, founder & managing partner of SwanDog and one of the paper’s authors. Rather than viewing sales and marketing as two distinct areas, the study advocates an intentional blurring of the lines that divide the two functions, which are both working toward the same end goal.

While many managers believe that they already have an integrated distribution model, few truly do, according to Susan Crawshaw, the paper’s co-author and SwanDog consultant.

“Common reporting lines don’t necessarily mean the functions are in synch,” says Crawshaw. “Our research shows that even when both functions report to the same box on an org chart, clear silos remain.”

SwanDog’s study notes that in most companies, sales and marketing have different goals and seldom speak with one voice.” Instead, the study asserts, they should have a mutual objective: bringing in and retaining client assets in the most profitable way possible. “Today, only one in four firms use common success metrics and measures across sales and marketing,” says Crawshaw.

“The sales team is traditionally focused on asset accumulation and retention, while the marketing team’s charter is to empower the sales team,” Swanson explained. “Marketing needs to move from supporting sales to supporting a sale. Having a shared mission is just the starting point for this paradigm shift.”

The study explores the current state of sales and marketing connectivity in asset management firms, builds the case for improvement and lays out concrete steps that will set a firm on the path to better alignment.

Recognizing that corporate culture and resources could constrain a firm’s ability to make this shift, the study offers three (3) levels of implementation –good, better and even better – so that a company can migrate to this distribution model at a pace at which they are comfortable.

To learn more or to purchase the study, please contact SwanDog at 630-995-3858 or info@swandog.com.