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SwanDog is the leading marketing strategy and consulting boutique for companies in asset and wealth management.

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We don't believe there is a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, it's our belief that your firm is what it is and it's our job to help you recognize your point of difference and emphasize that to your customers.

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SwanDog announces the release of a new study co-authored with FRC (Financial Research Corporation) – entitled Beyond The Collateral – Unlocking Marketing’s Strategic Potential for Competitive Advantage.  The study represents one of the most comprehensive examinations of marketing ever undertaken in the intermediary-distributed financial space.  It reviews perceptions of marketing as well as presenting a roadmap for implementation of strategic change.

Based on primary research findings, the study creates a new model for advancing marketing's contribution to the firm's bottom line as well as offering a detailed roadmap for getting there. The study is expected to be released this summer, in time for strategy planning and budget season. "A firm can stand alone and apart on exceptional performance," says Dave Swanson, industry marketing expert and founder of SwanDog. "But sound strategic marketing, planning, and execution will ensure that your brand and critical relationships weather the inevitable market, economic, or performance storm. No one yet has built a sustainable competitive advantage based on elite performance alone." Swanson, who will speak at this week's ICI GMM meeting in Washington, DC, on "Branding and Messaging in the Internet Age," says highly-evolved marketing is tough to find in the financial services space. For all the change the industry has seen over the past 20 years, the role of marketing has hardly evolved beyond the role of sales support, let alone achieved respect as a business function. "Good marketing by the investment industry is periodically sought but seldom achieved," says Swanson. "It's still all about literature," adds Swanson. "A customized program often means nothing more than embedding a distributor logo on a canned slide deck. Strategic marketing planning should not equate to finding ways to producing fact sheets faster. There is so much more, and the smartest firms have begun tapping into it." Even top industry executives agree, when asked to evaluate today's financial services marketing on a scale of one to ten, they give marketing little more than a four-"To give it a five would be a stretch," says one CMO. Quietly, however, there is a growing commitment and investment among a handful of firms to building true, strategic marketing organizations. It's no surprise that those firms are growing more rapidly than their competition and achieving success to recruit and retain top marketers. "FRC clients are asking for this research, and the resulting study will deliver guidance currently unavailable elsewhere," adds Michael Evans, president of FRC. "It will serve a number of masters: Presidents and CEOs who know that marketing can make a difference but don't know how to get it there, Heads of Distribution who need to get more from the marketing team, and the CMOs/Directors of Marketing looking for independent validation of their organization and headcount," says Evans. That's why we are excited to partner with SwanDog on this study, because of their marketing experience in the category. The study will deliver primary source market research and profiles of winning organizational structures that foster longer-term intermediary relationships and stickier assets.

To find out more about the study call us at 630-995-3858 or email info@swandog.com.